most difficult phase of life is not when no one understand you but when you dont understand yourself;)

Mar 13, 2010

do not read this!

*gambar hiasan

please tell me that you're not forgetting me!
that you'll stay and be with me until the death seperate us!

im sorry!i dont know why..but i feel lonely!
i feel like the old one had left me alone!
even in reality im the one who left the old one
to find a new beginning!to find a new never ending
wonderful stories before i realize that there is no
more wonderful stories!i tell to my self!
*padan muke ko! the truth is,i miss you!
im sorry!and now i feel like...
yeah!sob..sob!now im crying!yeah i know..
when the old go,here come the new one..
and im here..alone..maybe..

evey minute when i talk with ermin and
fazrin and seby..i alwayz tell that i miss the
old memories!farnkly speaking,that i'll never
find the real read all blogs and..
i feel empty..i dont want to be f4..i want to be f3!
i want to stop the time and..and..i want to tell all my sorry..i love you..and i will use the time
to spend every minute with my them...but..
its only a dream...which i know..that will not come true...