most difficult phase of life is not when no one understand you but when you dont understand yourself;)

Sep 27, 2011

얼마나 바보 같은 당신


I know that you may not understand the meaning of the title.But just google and translate it:)i was come a small little heart can contain thousand kind of feeling.That can be described or not.Why?

Currently i was mad at a several people.Yeah!They are like a boy that does not have parents. That does not taught them how to be polite or how to care of others feelings. Gauche. Yeah.The one and only things that you are expert in is fooling others.Make yourself confident by fooling others.Pathetic.

You talk about haram but cant you see that touching your very own best girl friend is HARAM. Maybe i dont have the right to tak about it when i am not that perfect.But that is basic things ok. Islam said that you cannot touch your bukan muhrim right?Holding hands,touching others and even talk about sex among you that are different gender?how?

And again you talk like an idiot.Talking something useless.Talking about the weekness of others.

p/s:the title is in korean.

Sep 24, 2011

abang seven eleven


Hey there.It has been a while since my last update huh?Sorry but i am pretty busy about everything.I dont have enough time to manage my live properly.Cant wait until i finished SPM.Currently i just finished my trial.So far i dont think that my result gonna be gempak.I got C for my mathematics.And i was wondering.Am i that stupid.

Actually i went for my teachers open house and straight to kasturi for physics class.As i told you that i have a really tight schedule.Haha.(padahal pagi tu tak pergi sekolah).Yeah but something happen.Something like urrrrm.It really silly man.Oh my.It my first time so it kinda give a big impact on me.Yeah.i am not that girl that have fully tutup aurat.I mean,i wear a hijab.I wear a long sleeve shirt(not proper one)but ithink that just not enough huh?Ofcourse.

I'm thinking several times about it.I tried to forget everything but it was hard.I went to seven eleven which is nest to kasturi to buy a kinderbueno.When i want to paid the choc the abang cashier approach and said "cantik tudung"and i was like 'whats wrong with this mamat kelantan'
then he said something like"tudung dah lawa.tapi kalau pakai elok-elok lagi cantik""buat apa pakai tudung kalau tak menutup sepenuhnya kan?Baik tak payah pakai tudung"And i was like OH MY GOD.whats your problem dude?But i didnt say anything la.Yeah i know that i was pretty mess taht time.Yeah i didnt covered my chest properly because the shawl is too pendek. It was my mistake.I admit it.

But does he need to advice me that harsh.I mean he advice me infront of my friend.Infront the other cashier and infront the oother customer.And his voice..Oh my.sangat kuat lol!All those people dah terdiam.see?what the heck?come on.nak tegur orang pon ada caranya.Saya tahu la awak nak berdakwah tapi berhikmah la sikit kan? one has tegur me like that beside my abang and my best friend:)so it kinda opened my eyes la.but i have a pride.seriously. I dont think advice is a suitable word right?

to abang seven eleven.thank you.may allah bless.Tapi sumpah saya tak masuk dah seven eleven tuh!