most difficult phase of life is not when no one understand you but when you dont understand yourself;)

Mar 16, 2012

21 March 2012


i was surfing the internet about the upcoming spm result and found a forum about it.most of the 2011 SPM candidates was freaking out to death.Then i remembered about writing an article about 'failing an exam doesnt mean you will fail in life'

When i wrote the article i put an effort on it.because it was an article for monthly test if i am not mistaken..but counting days to 21 march put me in those situation.I am totally scared about next wednesday but my mom keep telling me i have done the best i can and i have put an effort on it.

Every time i brought this topic on she keep saying that let by gone be by gone.She keep telling me to tawakal and dont stop praying.Somehow it make me calm.I really hope that i got an excellent result but i cant lose hope when im failing aint tha right?

The only thing i really need right now is a doa from my parents my siblings my relatives and my friends.Please pray for me.The rest of it what I need to do is tawakal.Believe me SPM is not the end of it.I m scared.I am afraid and frightened on what will the result turn on to be but i had put a maximum effort on it.

Be optimist.I hope when i felt down seeing my result on wednesday this post will give me the strenght i need.

Friends, when i am failing will you comfort me?