most difficult phase of life is not when no one understand you but when you dont understand yourself;)

Jan 30, 2011

making IC for her

i was at JPN this time.It was is full with people.And damn it was pretty bored there nothing i can do accept looking at the tv.It wasbored.luckily i bring this lappy.OH come i follow my moms suggestion to follow my sister make her IC.There was lot of weird people here.haha=='.I wish that mom will take me to the popular after thiss.OHHH.myyyyy...

Jan 29, 2011



believe it or not! i have drew this.Awesome right!

i try to type an entry but i dont have any idea.I try to sleep but my eye wont close.I try to speak but nobody will listen it.So i let my hand confess everything.It was pretty bored.Got so damn much homeworks to do.Those teachers gave homework like we're going to spent a month at home.gosh.tired.

Facebook was bored.Im privating everything.I guess!Watching Aku Masih Dara at astro pretty good.except that words sangap lobang tue!My brother ask me 'kakak lobang apa?'And i feel like ooo!so i just answer 'lobang hidung'.Erm.I was crying watching that movie.And i remember something.I went for a movie with my friend.I had to sat between my friend and a boy.Then,there is a part that i feel i want to cried.I ask my friend 'can i cry?'but the boy beside me answered it with no feeling'girlss and tears cannot be separated'oo.what the ass.How dare you lol.

My heart is fragile la bongok!Its normal doesnt it?i read couple of blogs.Man blog.They say that womens are complecated.Hell yeah.womens are adventure.We are hard to figure.We are unexpected.We are SOMETHING and we are EVERYTHING.Arghh!stop babbling!buhbye!

Jan 28, 2011

every thing happen with a reason:)


its have been a couple of week this blog being like a there is any stepblog?let it be.i dont care about stepblog.enoufh.fullstop.the whole year is schedule was damn tight.can you imagine staying at school from 6.30 a.m until 4.30 everyday except friday.It was damn tired.exhausted.

monday.morning speech.bla bla bla..math,addmath,bio..pss meeting.
tuesday.morning gossips.addmath,english..rehat..boredd..pss duty.
wednesday.physics,chemist,headache.rehat.koko.artclub meeting.PPI meeting.
thursday.physics,chemist again.math.bored,bored,badminton club. yess balikk!

and it happen again and again.Form 5 was tiring.But gossiping is compalsary.haha=='ermin me and seby always think again and again.Is there is any future in ALAM DAMAI.something that i dont even had the answer.But regretting?never.and ever.Really need to find my potential.Interested in TESL.really need to score in English.Art.Pengetua didnt give permission to take art.What?DISSAPOINTED?hell yeah!

A week that was full of suprise.Having a really really bad day.NOT that bad laa.Find out the pass about 'that girl' and 'that boy'. Prostitute?WHAT?REALLY?I taught it just a rumours.but its true
its true?Having a great fight with account student.I hope that i didnt get involved with it.But since im the pure science and they are against my friend.Youre messing around with my friend. And to make it worst it has become a police case?What the ass?it just a small matter.So UNMATURED!behave yourself.Dont ever call others a prostitute when your own girlfriend act like a prostitute!

many things happen without reasons.Once we figure it out,we will know that fate is the reason!And Allah knows the best for us-afieqa!

Jan 7, 2011


friendship is like a close to heart and it supportive:)


pejam celik pejam celik dah seminggu dah aku sekolah tahun nie.eceyh cakap macam dah setahun sekolah en?Being a form5 make me exhausted.seriusly penat jugak jadi form five nie.Naknak senior sulung sekolah.Harapan cikgu-cikgu tinggi melangit.Nervous.yup even SPM lambat lagi.tapi aku nervous giler..

Minggu nie tak ada apa yang menarik melainkan ohh..macam biasa aku ketua keceriaan.Yeahh aku buat jadual and duty rooster sampai tak tidur.And believe what.Ustaz agama suruh aku buat nota dalam bahasa jawi.OMG agak susah ya task beliau.Almaklumlah dah setahun tak menulis jawi.Jari dah keras.HAHA.Ustaz Zairul Amin.cikgu agama yang best.Sangat tegas.Aku kalau masuk kelas agama rasa macam ade rama-rama terbang dalam perut aku.Punyalah takut. Tegas sangat.Bagus sangat!Ilikeyouu.

Tahun baru guna banyak duit.yuran la,modul la,file la,setem la.lencana,buku sekolah yang kena seragam.Baju koko,baju aktiviti baju pj seluar PJ.baju kelas.duit kelas nametag pengawas PSS.Yuran van.Yuran Tuisyen Kasturi.Arghh.kesian emak.Kalau tak success jugak aku ingat aku kena tanam kepala dalam tanah.Nampak sangat kedunguan aku terserlah.

erm.ok bye!