most difficult phase of life is not when no one understand you but when you dont understand yourself;)

Apr 21, 2012

the love one:)

my love:)


There is something i can brag about.My family.Yeah i love my family very damn much.Who doesn't?But I mean i really do love my big family.No doubt.Those pictures above was my moms siblings,nephew,my cousin. Yeah sometimes they did annoyed me.But the feelings of love covered everything.haha:)

i l o v e y o u 

Miserable and drawning deep down


Ya Allah i am so sad.I didnt get the interview for TESL and interior design at UiTM.It had been my dream since forever and now i had already lost the chances.Its like a big slap on my face.Dang! I am so frusturated.I even cried infront of iman.I am really lost in my own ambition.

Seeing my friend updating their status saying they get an interview slicing my heart even more.Pathetic.Yup thats me.But people keep telling bukan rezeki or rezeki bukan dekat bidang tu.But the facts is everytime people ask me afiqah what is your ambition i would quickly answered english teacher or translator or technical writer but now..

I do know that Allah have a better plans for me.Allah have planned everything for me.But deep inside my heart the feelings of dissapointed wont go away..

Have a faith afiqah:)

Apr 8, 2012



Hye.It is my very first post after SPM result right?Alhamdulillah.To tell you the truth my result is pretty bad.Every time i told the other people about my result they are speechless.Not the comfortable silence but the silence when you dont know what you should say or maybe suprised?

How about my mom responses?Ah I received the message from 15888 on 10.01 a.m.Then I called my mom and told my mom about my result then she just off the phone.Yeah that is the worse isnt it? But my mom was driving that time.haha.Yeah my mom is the first person i told about the result.Ahh.I didnt take my result.I found it out from the SMS.haha.Yupp so i dont get the chance to peluk-peluk my friend when i saw my result meh.

Somehow i am very thankful to the one ALLAH for everything.When i knew my result i can see the path of the future.Haha.metafore.I mean if i get straight A's then I will never gonna choose TESL.of course la i want to take medic or engineering eventhough i am not interested in it.Haha.but Alhamdulillah cause of  my result i know that TESL will be the right one.I hope that i get the course i want.hmm.

I watched the MHI and Dato'Fazilah Kamsah said that to find the right course you need to based on three things.First of course lah your result,second your talent and your interest.And based on this three things i got two main course that i want TESL and interior design but my mom said choose TESL.Then TESL it is.

How about my ambition?Well most of my friends knew that my ambition will changed based on my mood my hobbies or anything else.Haha.Tak tetap pendirian.I knew..But after having heart to heart talk with my private counsellor,my own mom,she said that find a job that will give you benifit in the world and hereafter.Dunia dan akhirat.emak:) thank you

So,here i am waiting for any offer from ipta,Please pray for me:)