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Aug 10, 2012

Clifford School Kuala Kangsar


A lot of thing happen lately.No time to update a stories.Dont even have enough time to called my friends.With to many homework and too many problems to be solved.It is disaster to adapt to the new surroundings and new friends.But Alhamdulillah everything start to be well and awesome,Believe me every cloud had a silver lining.

meet Aisha,Isti and Zati

And the truth the new systems for the lower six students are harder than before.A lot harder.I mean the teachers need to compressed a one and half years of learning into 4 months or so.Even if you missed one class than you are gonna be lost.Although i've changed my stream being in arts stream is not that easier.Well nothing is easier on this earth kan?

iftaar with them;

Im lucky to have an awesome classmate.Every single of them is awesome,no doubt bout that.And the teachers are great.The way they taught me like they are rally putting an effort on it.And one of the teachers choose me to be a prefect.Erm..prefect..But CSKK discipline organisation system is suck basically.But i would try my best to make it better.

part of my dormmate

 part of my classmate.

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